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Medical Facility Service
Through experience, SureClean has become a premier provider of Medical Cleaning Service! Our goal is to provide the very best in professional medical office maintenance.

SureClean has experience in the Medical Cleaning Industry, operating room sanitizing, local Medical offices.

Operating Rooms need to maintain a higher standard of cleanliness, our supervision and daily checklist are used to maintain higher standards that is expected from our clients. References available upon request!
Entrance way 5 x/week
Reception area 5 x/week
Lobby & waiting area 5 x/week
Exam rooms  5 x/week
Offices 5 x/week
Laboratory areas (floors only) 5 x/week
Sample room (floors only) 5 x/week
Nurses station 5 x/week
Break area 5 x/week
Restrooms 5 x/week
Hallways 5 x/week
Police front of building for debris 5 x/week
Spot clean light switches, walls, doors, door frames 5 x/week
Wipe down desks, counter tops, free of papers and debris 5 x/week
Dispose of waste and install new liners, if necessary 5 x/week
Remove recycling, place in proper bins 5 x/week
Clean inside/outside of waste and recycling receptacles As Needed
Clean and disinfect sinks and clean water bottle trays 5 x/week
Restock all hand soaps/paper towels 1 x/week
Wipe down window sills 1 x/week
Dust computer screens/office furniture 1 x/week
Disinfect telephone receivers 2 x/month
Dust picture frames and light fixtures 2 x/month
Dust baseboards and chair bases 1 x/month
Dust window blinds 1 x/month
Clean air grills 4x/year
Remove cobwebs As Needed  
Vacuum all traffic areas 5 x/week
Spot clean all areas 5 x/week
Replace all moved furniture 5 x/week
Vacuum corners, edges and non-traffic areas 1 x/week
Sweep or vacuum all traffic areas (including entry and side ramp) 5 x/week
Spot mop all areas 5 x/week
Replace all moved furniture 5 x/week
Sweep corners, edges and non-traffic areas 1 x/week
Thoroughly mop all areas 1 x/week
Spot clean vertical surfaces: walls, doors, and partitions 5 x/week
Wipe down horizontal surfaces: counter tops, dispensers, toilets x/week
Detail: door handles, kickplates and light switches 5 x/week
Clean and disinfect toilets and urinals 5 x/week
Polish all fixtures 5 x/week
Clean all mirrors 5 x/week
Dispose of waste and install new liners 5 x/week
Dust partitions and ledges 5 x/week
Low dusting: baseboards, toilet bases and beneath sinks 5 x/week
Wet mop hard surface floors using germicidal product 5 x/week
Restock handsoaps and paper disposables 5 x/week
High dusting: air grills, ceiling fixtures 1 x/month
Spot clean vertical surfaces: cabinets, appliances and walls 5 x/week
Wipe down horizontal surfaces: tables, appliances and counter tops 5 x/week
Clean and disinfect sink 5 x/week
Wipe down inside of microwave 1 x/month
Spot clean entrance way door glass and windows 5 x/week
Spot clean glass partitions 5 x/week
Thoroughly clean entry windows (inside/out) 1 x/month
Make sure all windows and doors are locked 5 x/week
Disarm/arm security system 5 x/week
Complete punch list and check communication log 5 x/week
Sureclean provides all cleaning chemicals and equipment.
Client supplies restroom products and liners, or Sureclean supplies and bills separately
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